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Wearing a sword-automatic balers

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  • banding the pallet and packaging items as a whole, play a role.
  • binding speed, good effect, high strength.
  • automatic detection, without human help.
  • applies to the production line.
  • Power:380V/50Hz 1000W/5A
  • Packaging speed: less than 15 sec /
  • Working bench height: may according to need to set
  • Basic frames: may according to need to set
  • Adhesive part: profile
  • Packing form: 1 ~ - vertical rodless cylinder wear sword, with photoelectric control, manual
  • Band dimension: (0.55 ~ 1.2) mm thickness * width (12 ~ 15) mm.
  • The Electrical configuration: PLC control Panasonic, France Schneider electric and Panasonic photoelectric switch, Taiwan AIRTAC starting system;
  • The Air pressure: 4 to 6Kg/cm2
  • Operating mode: when the tray to the first hit and position, and at the bottom of the cylinder packing machine running the packing machine close to the bottom tray, brings out, after a reset, packing machine, brings back, start to play with a tray second position, balers, repeat the first action, so after two output.
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