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  • stretch film wrapping in a long article, to wrap bundling effect. The effect of protecting and not easy to scattered.
  • Packaging speed fast, effect is good. The flap can be automatically.
  • Dimensions of package:350 * 200 * any mm
  • Packaging speed:1 ~ 3 M / min
  • Film system: the pre tension of patent technology, the film is stretched by 1:3, tensile elongation can be freely adjusted
  • Control system: PLC can be used to control the whole process automation,
  • Overall dimensions:3000 * 1500 * 1800mm
  • Overall power:0.8kw
  • Power:380V AC
  • Overall weight:1000kg
  • Packaging material: the tensile membrane linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE)
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