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Continuous Sealing machine

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  • will shrink wrap on the item, and hermetic sealing packaging, suitable for unlimited length, width is less than 700mm, the height is less than 200mm packaging materials.
  • packaging equipment, high degree of automation, Packaging speed fast, simple operation, stable operation, the packing effect is ideal. Full automatic sealing packaging, without artificial aid;
  • mobile horizontal seal cutter, continuous sealing cutting knife, realize the transfer of non-stop packing all closed, good moistureproof packaging;
  • sealing cutter size can be adjusted to meet a variety of packaging materials, the size of a machine, and according to different size of goods, you can replace the shrink correspondingly, so as to save the cost of packaging.
  • package size: 200 * 100 * 20 to 3000 * 700 * 200mm
  • Packaging speed:20 ~ 40r/ min.
  • Sealing time:1 ~ 9 seconds (adjustable)
  • Control system:PLC control, touch screen control panel, can timely monitor the running state monitoring, automatic fault location
  • Maximum weight of package:30kg
  • Overall dimensions:1500 * 1100 * 700mm
  • Overall power:1.5kw
  • Power:220V to 380V AC
  • Overall weight:500 - 1500kg
  • Packaging material:PVC, POF, PE double membrane
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