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Low packaging machine

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  • will shrink wrap on the item, and shrink packaging automatic closed, suitable for less than the length of 2000mm, width is less than 600mm, the height is less than 500mm packaging materials.
  • full automatic sealing packaging, without artificial aid;
  • package using patented technology, goods through forming device, to achieve full closure of the wrapping, moisture-proof effect.
  • molding machine can be adjusted through the items in width, meet the packaging of various sizes of the machine, and according to different size of goods, can replace the shrink relative, so as to save the cost of packaging.
  • package size: 400 * 300 * 200 to 2000 * 600 * 500mm
  • Packaging speed:10 ~ 20/ min.
  • Sealing time:1 ~ 3 seconds (adjustable)
  • Control system:PLC control, touch screen control panel, can timely monitor the running state monitoring, automatic fault location
  • Maximum weight of package:30kg
  • Overall dimensions:3000 * 1600 * 1600mm
  • Overall power:2kg
  • Power:380V AC
  • Overall weight:500 - 1000kg
  • Packaging material:PE double membrane
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