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Sleeve Sealing machine

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  • will shrink wrap on the item, and shrink wrapping on both sides of the exposed, for no limit to the length, width of less than 1300mm, the height is less than 500mm packaging materials.
  • automatic sealing and cutting machine, without artificial aid;
  • packaging method used on the two film, the other items outside of a loaf of bread wrapped, shrinkage after both sides of the openings of the packaging;
  • customers can choose continuous sealing cutting knife, or for sealing packaging in transmission at the same time, without pause, Packaging speed significantly increased, general packaging machine is 2 ~ 3 times, can reach 20 to 40 pieces / minute.
  • package size: 200 * 100 * 20 to 3000 * 700 * 500mm
  • Packaging speed:10 ~ 20 / minute (standard type) 20 to 40 pieces / minute (continuous)
  • Sealing time:1 ~ 3 seconds (adjustable)
  • Control system:PLC control, touch screen control panel, can timely monitor the running state monitoring, automatic fault location
  • Maximum weight of package:30kg
  • Overall dimensions:1500 * 1100 * 700 to 6000 * 1500 * 1300mm
  • Overall power:2kw
  • Power:220V to 380V AC
  • Overall weight:500 - 1500kg
  • Packaging material:PE single film
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